Skye’s Happy Clients

I am having trouble finding the right words to really express how much Skye has helped us. In all honesty, there was a period of time in the beginning that I wasn't sure we would be able to keep our dog Tracy. I didn't feel like she could bond with us and it was creating more problems than benefits. Thanks to Skye, we now have another family member.

I wholeheartedly recommend Skye for dog training. She is adept at developing instant rapport with dogs and people alike. She is able to assess each dog and owner and provide a unique solution for each individual circumstance. Skye has done more than provide dog training to us. She has given us a relationship with our dog Tracy. We rescued Tracy from the shelter, but apparent years of abuse made her very skiddish. Skye knew exactly how to approach Tracy in a manner that was encouraging and supportive, but not overwhelming. Skye helped us learn to develop trust and confidence together. It was so wonderful to see Tracy respond positively. She is now completely different, happy and well adjusted. We are so glad she is a part of our family.

~ Noreen Roeca

Not only do I have the pleasure of working with Skye on a professional level through our Community Training Partners Program with Best Friends Animal Society, but also on a personal level as well! With Skye's guidance and support, we've taken two of our dogs through Skye's group classes and gone on to have two Canine Good Citizen certified dogs, as well as both continuing on to be registered Delta Society Therapy Dogs. Her support of the animal welfare and rescue community has been invaluable in our community. Skye is ever the patient teacher to both canines and humans alike, and her relationship based approach is something that has worked really well throughout our training journey.

~ Melissa Lipani, Best Friends Animal Society, Initiative Coordinator
Honey & Captain

I cannot even begin to express what a wonderful experience it is to work with Skye. When we first met Jasper, he would run away from us whenever he had the opportunity. He hardly wagged his tail and it seemed that we didn't exist at all in his world. Thankfully, Skye came to our rescue. She is an amazing teacher that focuses on teaching you and your dog relationship building skills that are the foundation of successful training. Skye didn't just teach our dog how to sit or how to lay down, she provided us with a full toolbox of methods that allowed us to work with our dog in a way that built trust and understanding. Now Jasper is an amazing listener. He happily follows us everywhere and is constantly looking to us for guidance. We attribute our strong relationship with Jasper to the important fundamentals that we learned from Skye.

~ Agnes Chiao

Shyloh, my pit bull mix puppy, was very difficult to control. In her first class she barked at the other dogs, pulled on her lease, and generally was a pain. She would sit but that was about all. I was pretty discouraged and wondered if I should have adopted her. After the first set of classes she improved. She has had three series of classes and she is now a great dog. She is still full of life and enthusiasm but she listens to me. She just passed her Bachelor's C.L.A.S.S. test with honors. I am so proud of her. We will be starting our fourth class with Skye next week just because Shyloh loves them so much.

~ Gail

Dog training creates a trusting bond between you and your dog that enriches their life and your joint interactions. Skye's Dog Training takes that to a new level by guiding you through activities that both you and your dog will not only succeed at but will also have fun doing and that will also enable emotional and mental balance in your companion. Without Skye's instruction we would not have made it as a therapy dog team.

Danial Opoulos & Charlie (Certified, Registered Therapy Dog, Delta Society Pet Partner Team)

Skye Rocks!

I have taken several of Skye's classes and her method of training is very clear and easy to follow, with fantastic results! Skye is calm and helps the dogs (and people!) to be relaxed, happy, and confident. I have two dogs and we are working toward service dog certification. Their personalities are so different and Skye easily takes into consideration the differences and helps me work with both dogs to achieve their goals. Both dogs go into their "happy tail" state of being when we go to class!

I have seen Skye work with dogs who are fearful, overly excited, manic, under-motivated, and dogs who are confrontational with others. She is professional, positive, and gentle with all dogs. She uses only the best affirmative methods. Skye has really helped me to see that dogs CAN be trained using only positive training methods. I was not convinced of this before!

~ Carron Kopren, former Special Education teacher

Andy and I (Meredith) adopted Preston from Utah Perfect Pointers in February when he was a year old. Preston is a german shorthair pointer/lab mix, a truly handsome mutt! He is full of energy and with training he has become such a sweet wonderful dog. We attended Skye's beginner and intermediate classes as first time dog owners and LOVED it. Skye gave us such great advice and training tips, while making classes fun. We knew we wanted a very well behaved dog and Skye gave us the tools we needed to be on our way to achieving this.

We joke that the classes were for us and not so much for Preston! When we first started the classes we realized that we were rewarding negative behavior and needed to be rewarding positive behavior. We didn't think we could go hiking with Preston off leash for the 1st year for fear he would run off. Yet, now we are hiking all over Utah with Preston off leash 6 months after his joining our family. With Skye's philosophy of rewarding good behavior and our dedication in his training we have created an amazing bond with our dog: he always looks to us for approval of his behavior. Preston's training is a life-long process, but we have great tools to achieve the behaviors we desire because of Skye.

~ The Fitz-Ohms

We adopted our dog, Brandy; in November of 2010. It appeared that she had been abused by her previous owner and she was a bit anxious and had a hard time with any type of command. We took Skye's beginner class, and noticed some huge improvements. Skye taught us things to work on at home and always gave alternatives if a certain dog wasn't responding. We were so pleased, that we took her intermediate class as well. Brandy has not only become a very well behaved dog, but she's learned some fun tricks too. Skye taught us how to teach her things on our own which has been a lot of fun.

Brandy is much loved in our house and we're so grateful for the training we got her. She loves running in the yard with all of us and showing off that she's quicker than us. She goes on car rides with us, and even to grandma's house to see her cousin, Mille (8 year old Brittany). She loves camping too…and even enjoys riding in the boat.

If you have the chance to train with Skye, do it! She's an amazing trainer, has a great love for animals, and she's a great person too! Thank you Skye for everything!

~ Dustin & Jennifer Turner (& Brandy)

I had the privilege of training with Skye for a little over two years. During that time she helped my pit bull Tacoma obtain his CGC certification as well as his national Delta Society therapy dog certification. She has also helped my other pit bull overcome many of her fear issues. Her dedication and vast knowledge and experience have really helped my pit bulls to become wonderful breed ambassadors. I highly recommend her.

~ Traci Madson

We've seen a huge difference with Miley in our home and on walks. We learned when Miley was 8 months that she was reactive to other dogs. Through a recommendation from the SL County Pit Crew, we contacted Skye for some private training. Skye worked with Miley and with us on overexcitement issues when we come home, jumping on people, being polite with others and learning to focus and wait. Skye also used her "fake" dog and her own dog Wyatt for learning to walk by other dogs without reacting. Skye thought Miley was ready to move on to her reactive dog class. We enrolled and attended with three other dogs and parents. There we learned more advanced techniques for maintaining control of situations where other dogs are present. These techniques have been valuable on walks and while at a canyon parking lot when another dog, off leash rushed to us. We used what we had learned and were able to avoid allowing the other dog to reach Miley. Miley learned so fast and did so well that we're now in Advanced Obedience and plan to continue Skye's classes until Miley is a shining example of a well behaved dog.

~ Kathy and Wayne Parrish
Miley (12 month old pit mix) and Buddy (7 year old Border collie)

Skye is wonderful to work with! She's experienced and was able to offer me several alternatives to working with my heeler, Blanche. Because of the positive training methods, both my dog and I enjoy her classes.

~ Stacey, 4th grade teacher

My husband and I adopted our first dog, Jada, about a year and a half ago. Because it's important to us to have the best relationship we can with Jada, and also to have a well-behaved dog, we took several classes with Skye. Skye's enthusiasm and love of dogs struck us from the moment we met her. All the dogs in the class were so excited to see her and loved to be around her. Skye took time to answer everyone's questions, help us with any issues that came up during the week, and made sure both dogs and people were happy. She also impressed us when she handed out booklets for each class listing topics we've discussed, skills and tricks taught, and how to practice at home. Skye helped us train Jada to become a Canine Good Citizen and hopefully a therapy dog when she's older. We (especially Jada!) always looked forward to Skye's classes!!!

~ Kristiana Sandberg, Professional Violinist
~ Gregory Sandberg, CPA
Jada Sandberg, 2 year old golden retriever mix